Your Infrastructure Construction Partner
in Indonesia


To empower the next generation to achieve even more for the future. 


To provide practical solutions that must be a win-win. We must do this through our values of trust, quality service, dedication, responsibility and innovation. 

Our Philosophy

Genpower is Generation Power. Our core purpose is to empower the next generation in Indonesia, and later the world. We see that infrastructure is the one of the most lasting and sustainable gifts we can give to empower our generation and future generations.

Indonesia is an archipelago, a string of islands. Ports and roads are vital to the economy, to help our people reach each other, and strengthen trade and distribution of resources. Only if we are capable of building our economy will we be a blessing to the world. This is why one of our core businesses focuses on construction of extra high voltage air duct tower channels (SUTET), toll road and infrastructure.

Pancasila and Faith

Indonesia’s foundational philosophical theory, Pancasila, is based on five pillars. The first pillar is acknowledging belief in God. We are not ashamed to say it is through this faith that our other values spring forth. These values include honesty, transparency, dedication, hard work, competency, professionalism. They are the values that run behind how we operate in business. We perform with these high standards, and we welcome our partners and investors calling us out if it appears we are being complacent in them.

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